About Shannon

Also known as: Pirate Queen, Duchess of Positivity, Head of the 3-inch Mob.

Shannon is a Young Adult/New Adult writer. Though she’s always had a passion for storytelling and had written two “books” for her little sister when she was ten-years-old, her journey of becoming a writer started not that long ago. With characters rattling around in her head of a Manga she wanted to create since she was a teen, she finally sat down, in August of 2016, and started to bring these characters to life.
If she isn’t writing (but let’s be serious, she always is), she can be found nose first in a good book while drinking coffee (#TeamCoffee) or trying to look cool driving around in her 1975 F-100. Shannon lives in Canada with her husband and two fat cats.

Shannon is also a Co-founder of a popular writers community on Twitter. If you are a writer looking for a fantastic community check it either by the hashtag #WriteFightGIFClub, where complete and utter madness takes place or at the page @WFGHeadquarters where we have chats with agents and authors! Want to know more? Here is the link to their website: https://writefightgifclub.wordpress.com/
Follow Shannon on Twitter at @ShannonKJMurphy, or keep up to date with her writing journey on Instagram at @skmurphywriter and on Youtube at S.K Murphy.




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